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Topie: methadone and morning sickness
March 21st, 2008 03:49 AM
candice261280 Hi everyone, hoping this post finds you all well;

I have a question regarding my morning sickness and actually being ablwe to swallow my dosage.

As i stated in my intro post yesterday, i am 31 weeks and have suffered non-stop with morning sickness. This has become a huge problem when it comes to being able to hold down a dose of done that is liquid. From reading your posts, it sounds as though in the USA you guys take tablets, where else we take the brown liquid form of done.

Do any of you have any suggestions for helping me to hold down my doasge, or any info relating to how long after my dose, if i vomit, oh i am mincing my words..sorry. Ok, how long do you think I need to be able to hold my dose down without vomiting for it to have been absorbed?

I have had a tough time three weeks ago when I spewed only 2 minutes after my dose, it was a public holiday and i went to the hospital only to be turned down for help and sent home, That night my little baby and i suffered awfully...sorry it brings tears to my eyes thinking back to that awful night...he was so restless inside of me and i could tell he was distressed yet there was nothing I could do. I am on parole, so if i use anything it would have been back to jail for me. I seriously considered going to score some morphine, however it has been a long time since using and i didnt even know where to start looking for that either. It was traumatic I tell you.

Anyway, thanks for listening and I look forward to reading some informative replies sometime soon girls (and guys)..

Candice x
March 21st, 2008 04:58 AM
Maggie Candice, I hear ya girl, Im in the same position, Im 8-10 weeks and as sick as a dog. Like yourself, I cant keep anything down, which leaves you feeling so very lethargic, luckily for me, my mum is a great help, she's been taking my wee girl to nursery because some days i cant lift my head, I literally dont have any energy.

I did call the doctor, and he offered me some morning sickness tablets, but I researched them online and they're not deemed unsafe, but they're not safe either, so i decided not to take them.

My throat is so sore and my head pounds because of the constant sickness, it really is tuff, and I also spewed up my dose soon after i took it, but I still felt ok, so it must digest pretty quickly.

So at my wits ends I researched all the cures online and to my surprise, it says pot is a great curer, so I managed to get a bit and had a wee pipe, no tobacco of course, and the sickness left me and I now have my appetite back too.

When I wake up in the morning, the sickness hits me as soon as i sit up, so I quickly take a pipe and within minutes, Im cured.. I don't smoke a lot, very, very little acutally.

Now, I know I shouldnt be encouraging pot smoking when pregnant, but ladies, it really does cure it and I dont believe it harms the baby, this article explains why
March 21st, 2008 08:34 AM
candice261280 thnaks for that Maggie, I appreciate where you are coming from but unfortuantely pot is not an option for me for two reasons; 1) I am on parole so must not have any dirty urines come back from the lab including pot and alcohol and 2) I am a firm believer that now I am clean, in order to stay that way means avoiding situations where I would bump into people and haunts from my past,so scoring pot would definetly out me there I would think lol. As I said, thanjyou for your reply and good luck with your own sickness, I hope it goes away within the first trimester which is what usually does happen, and you dont end up like me 9 weeks from my due date and still praying to the porcelain everyday!!
March 21st, 2008 10:13 AM
susie3827 Hi Candice: Usually the pain patients who are on methadone take the tablets and the clinics have the are some clinics that carry both and some get a choice and then there are a few clinics that carry the tablets..
My clinic just offers the liquid and it is a strong cherry flavour.

I'm sorry that I am not going to be of any help to you with this one as I didn't suffer any ill effects of my pregnancy. It went so well that I didn't want to stop being pregnant...I kept asking them..oh..can't we keep him in there another

I have heard some people saying that taking a soda biscuit (saltines), crackers..whatever you call it over there---has helped. If you take a few of them a few minutes before your dose that can help you out.
Other than that..I don't have any suggestions.
Is there a time in the day that you don't have any nausea? could make it so that you take your dose at that time when it is more likely than no that you are feeling well enough?

I would try those things..and check back here to see if anyone else has some more suggestions.

Good luck.
March 21st, 2008 12:22 PM
robin2005 I couldnt stop puking and had terrible heartburn until about a month ago when I started taking prilosec every day for acid reflux and zofran as needed. I am finally 2 lbs over my pre-pregnancy weight at 37 wks!

Before the prilosec, I tried changing my diet, ate rolaids several times a day, took all the different anti-nausea meds, smoked pot but it didnt work as well for me as for Maggie. The nausea only stayed away for about an hour, then I got the munchies, then I was sick again!

Candice-The vomiting late in pregnancy can also a sign of HELLP syndrome so be sure to tell your OB. Its very rare, but serious. The OB had me do a bunch of tests for that before they gave me the prilosec.

Good luck! I know how much it sucks to be sick all the time.
March 21st, 2008 11:31 PM
momofanangel Candice- I seriously feel your pain. I was in the exact same boat my entire pregnancy. To the point where they had to hospitalize me twice and sedate me with strong sedatives because none of the traditional meds (phenegran, zofran ect.) worked and I was miserable and wailing around like I was dying....My husband even had to call an ambulance one of those times because I couldn't move a finger without dry heaving my insides out...i truly thought I was going to die....and the withdrawl was a nightmare and made the "morning " sickness that much worse....I was "lucky" enough for the doctors to put me on a fetanyl patch so I was able to get some narcotics and not suffer in pain and withdrawl but it took 3 days to get there and it was a complete nightmare- I even tried the pot thing and for me, it made it SO much worse for me and after the doctors yelled at me for over an hour after drug testing me when I got to the hospital I felt entirely too guilty and had to talk to a social worker at birth just because of the pot in my system so i definately dont recommend it....I never used that stuff before but being so sick i was desperate and I convinced myself that i knew so many people that had healthy babies that smoked it daily that were healthy as could be.....i still feel bad once in a while. Anyways

It got to the point where I could no longer work or do much of anything...the couch and/or bed was my home for most of this pregnancy (which is SO different from my first pregnancy where i was running 4 miles a day and feeling great the entire time funny how that is)
I had to eat crackers and peanutbutter constantly because that was about all he would accept (which if funny because now he eats ANYTHING and EVERYTHING) and I had to eat peanubutter crackers (with out drinking anything for the first half hour) before even getting out of bed and take my medicine and lay there for at least an hour before moving in the morning to keep it down (after I went back to the methadone of course) Your so close to the end luckily and before you know it this problem will be over...Zofran did work well for me as long as I took it the SECOND i even thought I might start to get quezzy...and nibbled on crackers with peanutbutter (the protein helps with the nausea)... You are going t obe SO grateful to be able to eat your going to pig out after your baby is born- I did. Good luck girl and your in my prayers...I truly feel for you...stay strong...if you can take your medicine AT your clinic IN FRONT of the nurses and show them your "vomit" and they are supposed to redose you if its within a certain amount of time (at least thats the case at some of the clinics here) OR if you have take homes try taking half in the morning and half at night during the times where you feel the best- split dosing is better for the baby anyways and it also increases your chances of keeping some medicine in....again, good luck- I know that this is long and probably hard to follow due to my exaustion and for that I am sorry. :) If I think of anything else I'll let you know.
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