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Topie: Tired from Methadone
June 2nd, 2010 08:12 PM
TayzMommy Is anyone really tired from being on methadone? I am only on 40mgs and have never been higher then 80mgs.. I wa son 60mgs split during my pregnancy.
I am constantly tired and unmotivated.I am getting so fed up with it. I know it is the methadone because everything else has been ruled out. I would like to get up at 7am and go running with my dog and cook breakfast for my kids every morning.. but I end up waking up at 9 and letting Taylor eat cereal or a poptart..
I usually drink ym dose around 9-10am and by 2pm I have to take a nap.. and nto like an hour nap.. sometimes its like 3 hours! Im lucky enough to be able to do it because Aaron is also home with us all day.. and as everyone knows he is on methadone to and he is only on 68 mgs (i think) and after I wake up from my nap.. he takes one.. then we go to bed at like 11pm.. and sleep till 9am and the whole thngs starts all over.. I have felt like this ever since I got on methadone so it isnt anthign new.. even when i was working by like 2pm I was falling asleep at work.. I even fell asleep at a staff meeting one time..
I dont get anythign done during the day because I feel like methadone makes me soo lazy, tired, complacent ect.. anone else feel this way?
June 5th, 2010 09:10 AM
Jessica1381 Colette,
If everything else has been ruled out and you believe it is the methadone then maybe you should decrease your dose. Methadone should NOT make anyone feel this was AS LONG as they are on the correct dose amount. You may need to adjust your methadone dose. You should not feel that tired constantly unless there is a reason for it (ie: too high of a dose and so on) Being a mom can make us tired too, but you are sounding more like its a too high of a dose issue...
Go down and see how you feel. If you were on the right dose you would not feel so drowsy all of the time.
Hugs, Jessica
June 5th, 2010 12:58 PM
TayzMommy well Im only on 40mgs and when I wake up in the morning and i dont feel sick but I dont feel great.. I am in the process of detoxing.. Ive came down 20mgs since Makayla was born (9 months) and I am also about to come down 5-10 mgs more.. so i dont think that it is my does being too high..
My fiancee was on 150mgs and has came down to 60mgs.. in less then a year and he is still just as tired on 60mgs as he was on 150mgs
I have asked alot of the people on my clinc and most seem to agree with me that methadone makes them super tired.. I also looked on the methadone support website and it seems alot of people on there agree also..
it is an opiate which as we all kno has that effect on people and it always seems that no matter when dose I am on I am always tired..
Im just looking for ways to counteract this.. I knwo vitamin C ect
I read some of the post on the metadone website and they said that they just keep active and that keeps them from being tired but as soon as they sit down they are falling asleep..
Does anyone else here have this problem and what do they do to help it?

June 6th, 2010 04:32 PM
staceyjw I've ALWAYS been tired all the time, even before the H and MMT.

I was on 180mg for a long time, and I was a little sleepy right after I took it, but it otherwise didn't make a difference. And I was working as an electrician back then, very physical work. When I was trying to detox, I was down to 55mg, but didn't have any more energy. Now I'm on 130 (started this pregnancy at 75, but had to go back up), which is working fine. BTW, when I got on MMT I was 5'8, 130#, but went up to 185 # over the years.

I think I'm tired because of depression, and not always controlled bi-polar. The only MMT side effecst I get are sweating, which I HATE, and endema which makes my face look FAT. These things go away at 75 mg, though the craving blocking effect. isn't as good either.

You have a little baby and a daughter, this can be exhausting for anyone, hose husband or not (I have a house husband too!).

Hope you figure it out!

OT- I got a great job offer in Philly recently, whats it like to live there? Where I am at is paradise, but I could use the 45k increase in pay.
June 6th, 2010 04:33 PM
staceyjw Sorry for my crappy spelling! These nails make it hard and I didn't proof read!
June 12th, 2010 12:03 PM
Marlogirl I totally understand what your talking about Tayz because to be honest I just though it was that I was super lazy, lol. But I have been like this everytime I have been on methadone. It's like you don't hardly have energy to do anything and it makes things hard when you have kids. My clinic encourages us to buy the vitadone vitiams that are for people on methadone and it's suppose to help stop sweating, tiredness, and the sweet cravings. I bought a bottle and they look like prenatal vitaims but I can't remember to take them so I don't know if they are worth the $20.00 or not but you may want to look into it. I hope it helps.