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Topie: methadone and xanax
February 28th, 2006 02:59 PM
helpless Does anyone know about mixing methadone (40 mg) and xanax (12 mg) together. What are the side effects and what are the withdrawals like? Thanks for any help
March 1st, 2006 04:48 AM
dfox Mixing the 2 of them is not a good thing.
Everyone that know's about methadone , and has been on it for some time, know that mixing them can be deadly.
One of the side effect's is sleep. Knodding out.
If you smoke you do a lot of burning .
Do not mix the 2 of them.
For withdrawel side effect's you would first have to tell us more about what you regimen of methadone has been for a while.
Like if you were on more methadone, and decided to come down (detox) using xanax.
We need to know more then you are writting.
Even 40 mg is dangerous to mix with xanax.
People on methadone that mix the two usually want to get the nodding feeling of a high.
Now if you are using the xanax to detox, than that is different.
Please tell us more about your situation.
In order for us to give you good advise.
March 1st, 2006 02:16 PM
Gerbs Well if you have a tolerance to neither it's quite likely to kill you! .
On the other hand if you are already tolerant to the methadone and to the benzos at those kind of doses it's only likely to cause you to nod out more readily. While benzos and opiates in combination can be dangerous it really depends on your individual situation. I was prescribed a number of different benzos while I was on methdone without any bad effects. If you are doing this in line with a doctors instructions I dont see that there should be a problem. But 12mg of xanax is a pretty hefty dose if you have no tolerance to it and I certainly wouldnt mix it with methadone if you are not tolerant to that either . Mostly the trouble comes when people start exceeding their normal or prescribed doses. They do potentiate the effects of each other but with reasonable caution and staying within your tolerant doses they are really no more dangerous than say a combination of methadone and tricyclics and doctors hand those out like they were candy!. It's the combination effects of respiritory depression that usually get you.
People often have horror stories about benzo interactions that are often really more hangovers from the days of barbs . Benzos by themselves are very non toxic drugs but they can combine with other things, not as badly as barbs did but enough to kill the unwary and non tolerant

In terms of withdrawal one doesnt make the other worse unless you have to withdraw from both at the same time . Benzo withdrawal is very different to methadone withdrawal and with a big enough habit can cause you to fit and/or die in withdrawal, that's usually not the case with opiate withdrawal not matter how large your tolerance is . Benzo's have to be tapered and withdrawn slowly and even then can be a nightmare experience. I've had some pretty hefty habits on both and in general abrupt benzo withdrawal is more dangerous than opiate withdrawal and often far more unpleasant mentally .

Methadone withdrawal is is fairly unique among opiate withdrawals it usually goes on much longer , takes longer to kick in and in many ways is more stressful . Unless you stop abruptly on a largish dose of methadone the withdrawals generally dont tend to be as intense as withdrawal from other opiates (with shorter half lives) most of them even though they are more acute, are over in a couple of weeks at most. Methadone can drag on for months but usually at a less intense level. Methadones withdrawal period also depends on your dose , how long you have been on a program and when you get to your late 30's -40's age can aslo become a factor because methadone will often mask an underlying condition that may have been developing without your knowledge . But unless you are doing both withdrawals together (Really not recommended!) they shouldnt really have any effect on the other.

As Dfox says they can be dangerous in combination but its really dependent on your tolernace to both . Again as Dfox says you dont really give us enough information to make any real reccomendations beyond the fact that if you have no tolerance to either that combination is quite likely to kill you , If you are tolerant to one and not the other the situation could still be bad, as you are talking fairly hefty doses for someone with no tolernace to one or the other and the interaction could be too much. Benzos alone are almost impossible to kill yourself with (not to say you cant OD or do yourself damage) but in combination with something else that also depresses your respiration and potentitates the other, again you can have problems.
If you are asking can you just take 12mg of xanax and 40 mg of methadone with no tolernce to either ? then the answer is *NO* and you are on the fast track to death by attempting it . Give us some more information about your situation and someone might be able to help you more , But dont just chuck down those doses particularly in combination if you are not *well used to both drugs* in those sort of doses.