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Topie: FINALLY waiting to take my first Subutex dose!!!
May 19th, 2009 01:10 PM
JenB I'm at 29 hours without my Methadone (I took my last 20 mls at 1 pm yesterday-I'm on UK time) and waiting to feel worse before I take MY first dose of SUBUTEX-thank goodness I moved from the east coast to London, where here they have so much more empathy for opiate addiction!! I know that Paddy I believe has said that there is NO need to worry about anything if you are on Subutex, or are switching over, however its not the Naloxone, its the Bupe that pushes out any opiate in the brain receptors. SO - I am STILL worried SICK about taking my first 4mg of Subutex too early and kicking back into bad WDs! I know that by the time I reach 48 hours I'll be ready-but I'm thinking of taking 2mg to test it tonight, and if I feel better, even slightly, then I KNOW that it IS least if like my Doc said I play it safe and take 2mg and not 4mg, to see how it affects me, I wont be in as severe turkey as if I'd taken 4mg....
I am so, so motivated to do this, that I can feel the difference between today, and any other day in the past-by now I'd be climbing the walls to get my meth!

I'm hoping to stabilize at 8 mg (if I'm lucky!) then come back down. Then again, I know myself all too well, and know that when I have been clean before something as small as a headache pill (esp. the ones over here!) have set me off. I just refuse to go back to that life....I'm 32 now and can't handle it anymore, my body and mind are tired of 12 years of opiate addiction. This is also the first time I have and will be off of Methadone since I STARTED it in 2004!!

I won't ramble anymore-I'll post back after I can't take anymore, and take my first 'test' dose...and by the way Paddy-you mentioned you at the very beginning split your Suboxone pill and took a quarter? When I was on it in the US in like 2002, my Doc was the ONLY one licensed in the state who could rx it, I recall he had to use a different DEA number to RX it. Anyway-he said to never ever break one of those pills, as it could make it maybe that quarter you took was ineffective? I know now that you are doing great, so I suppose it doesn't matter too much now anyway ;-)
May 19th, 2009 08:19 PM
dal33 Congrats to you! I hope to hear more from you soon about your progress! We haven't "met" yet, but I think we all "know" one another to at least a degree.

I'd be anxious too, but I HOPE I'd follow advice from those in the know; cuz I know next to nothing about subutex, suboxone, bupe, etc... only what I've heard from others over the years. I remember when I got on MMT 11&1/2 yrs. ago I thought "I'll just do this about 6 mos, get off, & skip down the yellow brick road"!! hah!! lol but I'm OK with it still today, even tho I am on a taper from my 'done. I had a LOT of yrs. w opiates myself....... I have & will keep all the best thoughts with & for you! take care!
May 20th, 2009 07:30 PM
kei I'm glad your doing good, I'm excited for you too, I'm anxious to know how you do, Please keep us posted, don't wait to you feel bad you can post as much a you feel like it,, I would actually like to know how your doing from time to time before and after you dose, 1. just to know how your doing, and 2. To know how the process is going from Methadone, b/c when it is over, we tend to forget the details, and that might be just what some one needs to hear that MMT has become,,, unaffordable, to much on family, or what ever the case maybe.... Your across the pond with Nico. I think that is sooooo cool, I would love to see London..... I can't believe how it is so different in some places, yet so much the same! Paddy's avatar is like a clock or watch face... right!!!! I remember that so she made an impression on me and it was good. but it seems like I haven't talked to her in a while, I hope she post when she see you!

Talk 2 you Later,

I'll be thinking about you, Best Wishes!!!!

Dall, I did not know how long you've been in MMT, I'd love to hear your story/stories, of your recovery!!!! That is Awsome!!!!!!
May 21st, 2009 06:32 PM
viperMC hey i was in the same position as you but i got down to 10mls methadone before taking my subbys. i took one 2mg tab and it brought on withdrawls which ended up with me using! i wished id just tapered off the meth, HOWEVER im a sensitive soul and have a low tolerance-everyone is different so i just pray this goes well for you.I decided to start again and went back on the methadone- this is now my FIRST day without methadone/opiates and this site has helped me through a long day just reading everyones posts. Let me know what happens-im also in the uk so pm me if you run into trouble and i can pass on my number if you need a friend to talk to
May 21st, 2009 10:34 PM
kei Awwww, MC it is so nice of you to lend your help like that, I'm proud the that MSO has helped you through the day, God knows it has helped me through the past couple of years, I know I would not have made it without MSO, Carol is an Angel for creating this place, you can feel her passion for helping others and Mike's they are wonderful people and all the others, Nico is in the UK, Like Jen I think their is someone else!! I'm glad to know I've got friends in the UK, I'd like to see it one day, Ya'll have to post some pics, Mc, I'm glad you are apart of MSO now WELCOME
Mc, one more question, how soon did you take the sub after you took your last dose??? I know that is critical in the way the Sub acts. Best Wishes too you, i hope you stick around, MSO has a lot to offer anyone that has been through what we have. And you have a lot to offer others also! To keep what we have we have to give it away.

Jen, I hope you are doing good, I'm thinking about you, I hope you post soon, and let us how it's going.
May 24th, 2009 08:36 AM
viperMC thanks kei- yes ill try and get some pics up im just a bit green with computers lol! infact im bored so gonna have a mess about with that now. i hope jen is ok its nerve racking when you're waiting to hear how someones treatment is going isnt it? i guess you just hope nobody is having a struggle as we all know how horrible that is! well today is my 4th day clean (feels like four months time is going so slow!)
get back on here jen and put us out of our misery! xx
May 24th, 2009 11:09 AM
Steener122 Just be careful. Before I got into my clinic I used to be one methadone tabs from my doctor. I ran out early because I wasn't taking them as I was supposed to, my friend was on suboxone and offered me a pill, I said "sure" and took it. I got so horridly sick. I just remember lying on my bed and wanting to die. Hopefully you won't have these troubles because you are taking subtex and its been awhile since you've dosed on methadone. I wish you luck.
May 24th, 2009 11:36 AM
mike9158 Hi everyone,

It is important to make the switch from methadone to suboxone (or subutex in the UK ) carefully. When I made the switch last November, I was at 10mg of methadone a day. I was surprised when the doctor told me that since I had been at 10mg for so long and that since I was on such a low dose, I didn't have to wait the 48 or 36 hours before switching. I was very nervous, but took half a pill (4mg) at a time. After the first have dissolved, we waited almost two hours before taking the second half. To my relief, everything went fine and I didn't experience any discomfort making the switch.
And I'm so glad I did. I was only having to see the clinic doctor once a month up until this last month...and now I oly have to go in every other month...6 times a year...that's it. It's wonderful. And the 1 pill (8mg/2mg) still seems to hold me alright.
It shows we're all the same but we're all different too. Some people have had bad experiences with the suboxone and some haven't.

Jen, I hope your transition goes well. Always know we're here for you. Take care all.