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Topie: Red Wine-AntiDepressant?
August 9th, 2006 08:39 AM
Octavinia Hi everyone.

I wonder if anyone knows anything about this - or is just wishful thinking on my part. Does red wine have some sort of anti-depressant stuff in it.

It's just that I've been really down and depressed for the last week or so - I put it down to PMT iniatially but it didn't go and just got worse. Last night I thought 'to hell with it' and polished off 1/2 bottle of red and woke up feeling way better today - still a bit grumpy, but I kind of like people again and have stopped snarling at them. My housemate said the same thing happens to her - a glass of red often helps her get her smile back again - so was just wondering if there is some scientific fact behind this (and therefore a good excuse to indulge in more red wine :thumbsup:).


August 9th, 2006 08:48 AM
pocket rocket Hi Octavinia

Not sure about red wine having the same effects as anti depressants.

I know when you take anti depressants it takes a good few weeks for them to kick into your system and start to work. Some how i dont think the wine is like them now.

Maybe its just made you relaxed and and less stressed. I woundnt advise drinking though to get rid of problems. Alcohol is a depressant so i dont think it would have changed your mood like a anti depressant would.

Maybe the PMT has just gone on its own??

Glad ur feeling better now. :):)
August 9th, 2006 08:56 AM
legsie2004 is it not just the alchohol that makes you think you are happier?
August 9th, 2006 09:09 AM
Octavinia Possibly it is just the alcohol - I didn't have alot by any means - just the half bottle. But my usual experience with drinking is that I feel even worse the next day (usually beating myself up for drinking too much) but today I feel fine - back to normal. I have tried drinking before to beat the blues and I KNOW it doesn't work - just makes it a whole lot worse.

But you know - I was just on the BBC website a moment ago - and there is a thread there on people's experiences with depression. That just wanted to make me cry, it really did. I think I was just going through a 'I feel sorry for myself' stage - in comparison to what these people are going through, my problems are nothing.

I was just interested in the wine bit though - I read somewhere last week that red wine has something in it that can promote a good nights sleep (something about interaction with our own sleep hormones) - so was just curious.
August 9th, 2006 09:12 AM
legsie2004 i do know red wine does have health benefits though so maybe your right
August 9th, 2006 09:27 AM
Sarah Red wine is supposed to be linked to a reduction in coronary heart disease, lung cancer and even colds and some viruses.

It contains anti-oxidents which are linked to maintaining good health. People in the meditaranean countries drink a lot of red wine. and combined with a healthier diet they tend to live longer than we do.

I have never heard of red wine having an anti-depressive effect, but alcholol can make you feel relaxed, it would be great if it did though.
August 9th, 2006 09:29 AM
legsie2004 hehehe wouldnt it
we would all be alcoholics
August 9th, 2006 09:30 AM
pocket rocket Does red wine not thin the blood Sarah? My grandfather used to drink it and say this.
August 9th, 2006 09:39 AM
Sarah It is supposed to prevent a build up of fatty deposits in the arteries.

So in a way yes. They say drinking a glass of red wine a day is good for you, for this reason.
August 9th, 2006 09:43 AM
legsie2004 ok i will now become an alcoholic
then i will blame it on sarah for saying its good for you ;)
August 9th, 2006 09:52 AM
pocket rocket
Sarah wrote:
It is supposed to prevent a build up of fatty deposits in the arteries.

So in a way yes. They say drinking a glass of red wine a day is good for you, for this reason.

Is that not the same as taking an aspirin a day Sarah??
August 9th, 2006 10:34 AM
Sarah In small doses, aspirin works by interfering with the way the blood clots, so people at risk of a heart attack or stroke may take a 75mg dose of aspirin a day, in some cases more.

Red wine is supposed to prevent the build up of fatty deposits which then clog up the the arteries, leading to high cholesterol and CHD. The difference is, nothing has been proven yet, but when/if it is, it could prove to be popular as long as people don't take it to the extreme.

I expect Nige may know more about this type of thing. It would be interesting to know more about this.

August 9th, 2006 10:38 AM
pocket rocket Yeah Nige is a good person to ask but where is he when we need him!!:huh:
August 9th, 2006 10:39 AM
legsie2004 yeah nige
if we shout loud enough he may hear us
August 9th, 2006 11:24 AM
Octavinia I have to take asprin everyday - and according to the haematologist at the hospital, asprin acts like Teflon on a frying pan. Ie. it coats the blood cells, and prevents them from sticking together. Very simplified explanation - but it involves food (frying pan = eggs and bacon) so easier to understand - for me anyway.

My view on red wine is that it is essentially fruit juice - just somewhat fermented that's all. But I somehow get more enjoyment out of fermented fruit juice than ordinary fruit juice - funny that.

I wonder who is doing the research on the affects of red wine - and I wonder if they need some research subjects???

Haven't seen/heard from Nige for a while - yoohoo, where are you???
August 9th, 2006 11:27 AM
legsie2004 he pops in most dbuit i not seen him today
August 9th, 2006 01:19 PM
pocket rocket
Octavinia wrote:

My view on red wine is that it is essentially fruit juice - just somewhat fermented that's all. But I somehow get more enjoyment out of fermented fruit juice than ordinary fruit juice - funny that.

:laugh: Yeah like an old fruit juice. Great example Octavinia.

Your name also has a connection with wine too. OctaVINia.

You have the stuff on the brain woman.:laugh:
August 9th, 2006 01:36 PM
Nigeepoo Oh, hi peeps. I had some visitors from work today to discuss my options for the future. Then I had a snooze as I was tired.

Anyway, about red wine. A 150ml glass of red wine a day has health benefits. More than that cancels them out by overloading the liver.

Red wine contains anthocyanins, resveratrol and other polyphenols, which reduce oxidation of your LDL-cholesterol. It's oxidised LDL-c that "clogs" coronary & cranial arteries. Dunno about any effects on mental wellbeing, though.
August 10th, 2006 07:01 AM
pocket rocket wrote:

Your name also has a connection with wine too. OctaVINia.

Oh dear - didn't see that when coming up with that name - must be firmly implanted in the sub-consious. But I do admit I am rather fond of the old Vino. It's quite shameful really - I once played an April Fools trick on my boss (along with a few others) where by we all handed in letters of resignation with daft reasons for leaving. Mine was to open a Vineyard/and Brewery. He believed me. :fgs:

Thanks for the reply Nige - not sure what the long words meant, but I guess the basic thing is that a bit of red wine is good - but lots isn't. Regarding the mental happiness bit - I guess that will take more research...what a tough weekend I've got ahead of me. Thankfully my housemate is more than a willing guinea pig! But I've taken note on the liver bit though.....!

So did any useful options come up?

August 10th, 2006 07:05 AM
pocket rocket God help the guinea pig!!! :eek: :laugh:
August 10th, 2006 07:53 AM
Octavinia wrote:
So did any useful options come up?
Option 3 (take large wad of money and be made redundant) looks like the best but I need to discuss it with my ladyfriend as her brain is in better working order than mine at the moment.
August 10th, 2006 08:46 AM
pocket rocket wrote:
God help the guinea pig!!! :eek: :laugh:

Don't feel too sorry for her. It is entirely her fault that I drink red wine at all these days - she took wine tasting classes and INSISTED that I try out these wines with her at home. So you see - it's just a matter of returning a few favours.:devil:

Nigeepoo - option 3 sounds like a plan, but yes, I would discuss it first. All that glitters is not gold and all that......
August 10th, 2006 08:50 AM
legsie2004 :laugh:
August 10th, 2006 08:57 AM
pocket rocket Octavinia's friend after a few glasses of the old vino.

She's some party animal - raring to go...........
August 11th, 2006 11:19 AM
Octavinia :laugh::laugh::laugh::laugh::laugh:
August 11th, 2006 11:21 AM
pocket rocket
Octavinia wrote:

Thats my good deed done for the day!! *Pocket pats herself on the back - job wel done!* :D