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 Posted March 11th, 2012 05:12 PM   IP
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What a way to end the 6-race winter Open F extremely close race, lots of crashing, and a new winner!

When time ran out on heat 8, Jim announced "Your winner with 225 laps is James Meadours, followed by..." and we never heard the rest because the place erupted! James was his usual steady self last night, but really turned up the heat to take home the first-place trophy. It was his first win at Magnatech since he started racing here a couple of years ago, and he's probably still sore this morning from all the back-slapping. Job well done, James!

Tony Ferro, Ryan Shoemaker, and I all finished with 224 laps, only one down to James. Based on track position, Ryan took second (and set fast lap) and I was in third, a mere 10 feet ahead of Tony in fourth. George Sheppard was fifth, and Joe Legendre finished 6th with a car that apparently was not handling well at all.

Final results (racer......laps......FT):

James Meadours......225......5.219

Ryan Shoemaker......224......4.398

Scott Taylor......224......4.499

Tony Ferro......224......5.172

George Sheppard......212......5.163

Joe Legendre......170......4.616

Scott Taylor

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