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I have made certain observations in catholic churches-:

On one hand, the catholic church preaches against arcane schools like Freemasonry and AMORC. They discourage members from joining such institutions and never hesitate to label them as satanic

On the other hand, when one examines the following in various cathedrals & churches
(1) Symbols on stained glass windows, roofs & floors
(2) Architectural structures(eg pyramid shaped roof tops & triangular designs)
(3) Obelisk Sculptures, pentagrams
It becomes clear that certain esoteric messages are being passed

For example i observed the triangle & the eye connected to a yellow disc(sun) & a white disc(moon)

My guess is that there are dual messages being communicated by the church(an exoteric message for the majority of followers and an esoteric message for those who possess higher knowledge)

I would be grateful to hear other people's views/opinions on this.

Hope my question does not offend anyone


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Very often the meaning of certain symbols is in the eye of the beholder...
The Triangle & the Eye are purely Christian symbols. Yes, they do have presence in Freemasonry and many other esoteric orders, but within the Church, they are a purely Christian symbol with a very clear and very simple meaning.
I would say the same for the triangular designs of some roofs and their general presence in the church architecture.
As for the symbols present in paintings - you should see an Orthodox Church! That is a "feast" for the eyes!

The presence of those (or any other) symbols in the churches usually happens for two reasons.
First - the builders (or the financiers) of the church want to leave their mark. This has been present from the earliest days, till today. Very often - the priests and the Church has no connection with some of those symbols and sees them purely as ornaments and decorations.
Second - many of the symbols that now-a-days we recognize as masonic, AMORC, even OTO or even satanic symbols, used to have a very Christian connotation in the past and Christian origins. A good example is the pentagram - which from the earliest days of Christianity represents the wounds of Christ. Triangle for the Trinity, the Eye for the All Seeing Eye of God (which has the same meaning in Freemasonry - it's simply an import) etc...
Sometimes there is a third reason... The architect of the building or the financier, simply saw a symbol or an ornament in another building during his travels, liked it and decided to use it! You would be surprised how often this happened in the past (and even more today) and how often archeologists were misled into a completely wrong direction because of that.

So - one should be very very careful when analyzing symbols on churches or any other buildings, because it's not enough to say "oh, that looks like..." - while some symbols are very unique and unmistakable, for most of them it requires deeper research into the history of the building, into the history of the creators, into the history of the area and the time when the building was constructed...

While on this topic - I don't know if the brethren living in Toronto (and the area) have noticed the lobby of the side buildings (not the main one) of Metro Hall in downtown Toronto (between King and Wellington, next to Roy Thompson Hall)...
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Surely the exoteric and esoteric symbols you mention are the work of the builders and not necessarily the religion. These "symbols" are merely geometric designs and the use of geometry is common to all architecture. Why must they have some hidden or secret meaning meant only for certain personalities. If the Roman Church has something to say, I'm sure they will come right out and say it.
I think my freind, that you are looking for answers to mysteries that don't exist.
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blackdragon1 wrote:
It becomes clear that certain esoteric messages are being passed

For example i observed the triangle & the eye connected to a yellow disc(sun) & a white disc(moon)

Some of the esoteric messages result from traditions inherited from previous religions and mystery traditions.

In the case above, the Point within the Triangle is associated with Chokmah. And this second sephiroth is associated with the second ranking Sumerian god who had above his house an "uplifted eye that searched all the lands" (if my memory is correct) - possibly some sort of satellite monitoring.

And of course the Jewish tradition included much from Sumer.

Thus the point within the triangle is easily combined with the uplifted eye to produce an eye within the triangle.

Further, if you rise on the planes sufficiently it is possible to discover an Intelligence that can easily manifest as the Eye within the Triangle.

Thus we have Jewish esoteric teachings combined with Sumerian mythological history and inner plane experiences.

The connection with the Sun is easy. In Egyptian tradition the Sun is the physical eye of Ra. (The implication is that the body of Ra is the whole of the solar system)

Something for everyone!


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